Tasein Mastema

Sex: Male

Description: 6'3" tall, reasonably muscled. Straight, long white hair, gold eyes, right half of face is covered in scar tissue, but otherwise has a bishounen look. Wears a red and gray outfit that looks somewhat like a military uniform, with silver accents. He is often seen with multiple large weapons slung across his back. Leader of the rogue guild "Last Struggle," a group that Makoto has had previous unpleasant experiences with, and that seeks eternal war. Tasein holds little regard for lives not his own, viewing even his direct subordinates with slight amusement at best. He holds neither hatred nor disdain for his enemies, but merely apathy at worst.

Possesses exceptional fighting capabilities.

Magic: Summoning and replacement of multiple selves from alternate presents. Might also have superhuman strength given that the weapons that he carries have not been perceived to hamper his mobility.

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