Name: Kevin "Kheileos" Wright

Body: 8
Mind: 5
Soul: 7
(draft tally: 80+50+70 = 200)

Health and things

most wanted:
Armour (2 points/level, each providing Armor 2)
Combat Technique (2/per, wanted: *Brutal 1-2, Critical Strike 1-2, Deflection/Reflection, Leap Attack, *Lethal Blow, Lightning Reflexes)
Divine Relationship (2/level, each +1 reroll)
Dynamic Powers (20/30/40 depending on breadth)
Extra Actions (15/per)
Extra Defenses (5/per)
Healing (4/per)
Heightened Senses (2/per, Smell)
Item: Serpent-Sting Staff (1/2 value)
possibly other items
Jumping (2/level)
Massive Damage (4/level for unarmed or one sort of weapon)
Melee Attack/Defense (3/level each)
Regeneration (5 or 10/level)
Supersense (2/level, Infrared)
Special Movement (2/each, wanted: Fast, Wall-Bouncing)
Tough (2/level)
Weapon (2/level+variables)

(draft tally: ??)

(draft tally: n/a)

(draft tally: )

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